Can We Really Reduce Your Business Print Costs Without Compromise?


Can We Really Reduce Your Business Print Costs Without Compromise?

Yes, we can.

Making the change from OEM to our compatible inks is not just cost effective, but stress free. We’ll help you every step of the way in helping your ink go four times further!

Reports from 2019 suggest that the average employee in Britain prints a whopping 8,000 pages per year! If we consider that at a 5% coverage costing you or your company 5p to print each page of paper when using genuine cartridges, this can equate to somewhere in the region of £400 per employee over the course of a single year.

According to the 2012 Small Business Survey the average SME in the UK employs 16 employees, totalling £6,400 worth of printing costs over the course of a year. And remember, this is based only on a 5% coverage* of ink on each page. Based on the average saving you can expect when using our inks, a single employee’s printing costs could be dramatically reduced to just £100, and so for a team of 16, would set you back just £1,600!

That's a saving of up to 75%!

Not only would you save a packet on your inks, but you also get expert advice on any of your printing needs. With over 20 years in the business, there aren’t many problems we’ve not come across and problem solving is our second nature! As an Inkredible Business Account Holder you can take advantage of access to your own personal account manager to help you get back to printing as quickly as possible, so that you can continue with your day and doing what you do best.

Let us take the stress out of printing for a quarter of the price. To register your interest in becoming a Business Account Holder, simply email and you’ll soon be able to take advantage of the benefits.

Also, if you’re considering one of our credit accounts whereby you can pay up to a month after the invoice date via BACS, take a quick peek here Business Accounts

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