3 Ways To Be More Organised In 2020

 An online report estimated that ‘50% of the UK workforce’ will be working remotely in 2020. Ensure that your work space is prepared and well organised to increase your productivity for the year ahead. 


Is your resolution to be more organised at work and in your career this year? We’ve rounded up the top 3 essentials for increasing your productivity.


Make A Note

The start of the year is the perfect time to make a note of all the important dates and events that you already have planned. Having a Calendar sorted by the beginning of the year means that you can plan ahead and make a note of anything special that pops up along the way, ensuring that you have a 360 view of the year. 



Organise Your Work Space

Home office essentials such as a diary, paper and printer ink will be handy to have stocked up in your workspace and will keep your work flow moving.  

If you’re planning on working from home more often in 2020, make sure your workspace is well prepared with equipment such as a high quality printer like the Canon MG5750 - a fast and wireless product that produces images and documents to an efficient standard.  

Don’t worry! Not all printers are expensive to run, you can find affordable MG5750 ink available at INKredible.

It’s also a great idea to keep a list of things you will need for productivity. For example, avoid running out of ink by printing your own reminder labels, or use different coloured sticky notes on your wall calendar to highlight important memos and dates



Create A Routine

A morning or evening routine can be useful; it will create a structure that assists you in perfecting your work/ life balance. A desk planner is a useful solution to staying on top of your work load and planning the day or week ahead of you. Get into the routine of writing your priorities, plans and to-do’s on an evening to organise your busy schedule and increase your productivity.





Stay organised in 2020 and ensure that your office essentials are stocked up. These simple tips will keep your workload as hassle free as possible.

At INKredible, we understand that home printing doesn’t always go to plan, which is why our team of experts are on hand to offer support to get you back up and running, as easy as ‘Order, Install, Print’.

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Tech Tips #1 | Maintaining Your Printer

Maintaining Your Printer

In the first of our Tech Tips series, we take a look at the basics of keeping your printer in tip top condition.


Where Should I Use My Printer?

Before you even start using your printer, you should have a think about where it is going to be located. Most of us sensibly install it somewhere near the computer it will be used with or in a central location if it is to be used wirelessly.

There are, however, other considerations to make if you want to optimise your printer's performance and longevity.

Firstly, ensure your printer is located in a cool, well ventilated room away from direct sunlight, radiators and other heat sources. Printers can overheat so make sure there is plenty of room around the printer, especially near any air vents.

We don't recommend using your printer in a dirty or dusty environment such as a garage. At best, the contaminants are not going to be beneficial to a healthy printer and at worst, excessive dust can be a fire hazard.


How To Clean Your Printer?

Once you're up and running, printers are generally clever enough to perform a head clean cycle automatically to maintain optimum performance.  They will also perform a cleaning cycle every time you switch the printer on as they initialise the cartridges ready for use. Unfortunately there is no real way around this, short of leaving your printer on all of the time.

Printers will gather dust naturally so it's good practise to give the outer surfaces a wipe over with a damp or microfibre cloth a few times each month. As well as household dust, you'll often see a build up of paper dust residue inside your printer from time to time which can be cleaned out with compressed air or a small handheld vacuum.

If you get any ink spillage inside your printer, simply use dry, absorbent kitchen towel to careful soak up the excess before using a slightly damp kitchen towel or cloth to clean up the remainder. When dealing with cleaning ink, use rubber gloves to minimise any ink transferral to your skin. Ink is water based though and will come off after a few days if you do happen to get any on your hands.


Use The Built In Maintenance Tools

Many people ignore the maintenance tools that are built into the printer. They are there for a reason and that is to improve performance if something isn't printing as expected.

If print quality starts to degrade or colours don't seem to be displaying properly, it is likely that you either need to replace a low cartridge or use the 'Nozzle Check' and 'Head Clean' function.

Nozzle Check will output a printed sheet of lines, symbols, patterns or blocks of individual colour to help determine which cartridge is in need of attention. Because the Nozzle Check uses pure ink from each cartridge, it is a much more accurate way to see what is at fault, rather than printing a photograph or blocks of 'imperfect' colour made in paint or word software.

You can also use the 'head alignment' tool to correct poor print alignment or the 'roller cleaning' function should you experience poor paper feed. Just look out for them on your printer menu under the Maintenance or Tools section.

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