3 Steps To Printing High Quality Photos At Home

3 Steps to Printing High Quality Photos at Home


Photos are a great way to reminisce on your favourite memories; nostalgia has been proven to increase feelings of happiness, heighten self esteem and bring you closer to your loved ones.

Printing your images at home is an easy and cost effective way to hold onto those special moments, although many people aren’t sure how to print their images correctly and to a high quality. To get the most out of your printer and produce the highest quality photos, here’s what you have to do.  

For this example we’ve used A4 Matt 190gsm inkjet paper which is compatible with all inkjet printers.




Firstly, you’ll need to start with an empty paper tray before placing your A4 matt 190gsm paper (or alternative matt photo paper) into your printer.

It’s important that your image is printed onto the smooth side of the photo paper to achieve the highest quality. 

Each printer may vary depending on the make and model. For example, we used the HP Officejet Pro 8610 printer and placed the smooth side of the photo paper face down into the tray.

Top Tip: If you’re not sure which way to place the paper, use a regular A4 sheet and draw a small ‘x’ on one side. Place this into the tray face down and press print on your laptop/ computer. If the side of the paper with the ‘x’ has been printed onto, you’ll know that you should place your paper smooth side down in order to have your image on this side and vice versa.



Next you’ll need to place your favourite images into Microsoft Word, Publisher or an alternate A4 canvas on your computer.

We find that placing the images into a word document works perfectly fine. Scale the images to your preferred size and head to ‘file’ > ‘print’.

Now click on ‘printer properties’, here you’ll be able to select a different paper type. We recommend selecting ‘everyday photo paper matte’ or something similar.

Most importantly, make sure you change the ‘print quality’ to ‘best’. This can also be found within ‘printer properties’.



Finally, make sure that you are only printing one sided, you don’t want to be printing your images back to back. Once these simple steps have been completed, go ahead and press print.  

If you’ve followed these steps, you should have a high quality image which has been printed onto the smooth side of your matt photo paper. If you’ve accidently printed onto the textured side of the page, the image is likely to be dull and of poor quality. If this has happened, simply load the tray with more photo paper and place the opposite way down to the way you placed it before.



To achieve high quality images at home, it is also beneficial to print with good quality inks, we recommend searching your printer model at inkredible.co.uk to find the best cartridges for photo printing. 

We would love to see your photos, please tag us in any images on Facebook or Instagram of your prints.

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Don't leave your holiday photos on the computer

Don't leave your holiday photos on the computer

Digital cameras are amazing inventions and have made being a keen amateur photographer that little bit easier.

There's no more waiting weeks for your pics only to find they are all blurry or that your thumb was in front of the lens, you can snap and delete, snap and delete until you have an image you are happy with. 

But then what happens to these perfect images? More often than not we just leave them languishing on the memory card or if they are lucky they may get put in a folder on the family PC or uploaded into a digital album on Facebook. 

We think that's a bit of a shame and wish that more people (ourselves included!) took the time and effort to get photos printed to pop in frames or albums so they can be shared and enjoyed rather than forgotten about. 

And it's so easy to get the photos printed off – you can even do it in your own home and if you invest in some proper photo printer paper no one will know the difference. 

We've got packs of premium glossy photo quality paper for as little as £1.79 a pack if you multi-buy ten or more. And let's face it, most people probably have a good few years worth of images stored up!

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