Print panoramics from your iPhone 5

Print panoramics from your iPhone 5

The much anticipated iPhone 5 was launched last month and so far, people seem pretty impressed.

Here at INKredible, we are a huge fan of printing, basically anything.

So imagine our excitement when we found out that the iPhone 5 allows users to take panoramic pictures.

There are several apps on the market that allow users to print from their iPhone so why not experiment with panoramic photographs.

Load up your printer with ink and photo paper and create some interesting wall art.

Autumn is a great time to head outdoors and capture some fantastic naturescapes. Capture an entire forest turning orange and brown with a panoramic shot and then print it out and put it above your desk.

If you are particularly proud of a photo, why not send it off and get it printed on a canvas.

Whatever you do, keep printing! If your phone has a camera, ensure that your images make it off your memory card.

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Epson Connect

Epson Connect

Print from anything to anywhere, with new EPSON Connect Solutions.

Not one to be left behind Epson has jumped on board the remote printing bandwagon.

EPSON Connect Solutions allows you to print from your smartphone, tablet or computer, from anywhere in the world.

There are four Connect Solutions – Email Print, iPrint, Remote Print and Scan to Cloud.

Email Print allows you to email any EPSON printer from your home, place of work, Tesco, football match... basically anywhere. If an EPSON printer is email-enabled then all you need to do is attach the document to an email (you can send this from your smartphone or PC/laptop), enter the printer’s address and hit send. Simple! If you want to send the grandparents the latest photo of the kids, just email it to their printer!

The EPSON iPrint App basically does the same thing using a downloadable app. Using the cloud, the app allows you to send documents to your printer with minimum effort and no fuss. Although it is called the iPrint App, it does support Android phones too. Yay.

The Remote Print option has been around for a while. It is essentially the same as the Email Print option but just for your own personal printer. This option is completely compatible with any Windows software and really is as simple as clicking print.

Scan to Cloud is a pretty cool innovation on EPSON’s part. This nifty piece of technology allows you to use your all-in-one printer to scan and share a document or photo. All you need to do is scan the item in and hit share. Using the email settings, the document or photo is sent up to the cloud where it is saved or shared, depending on what you want to do with it.

This process is made even easier by the fact you can control the entire process using the display screen on the front of the printer!

Now you have no excuse not to print everything! EPSON has made it infinitely easier to share and print documents or photos from anywhere, to anywhere!

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Cloud printing 'next big thing'

Google Cloud Print allows users to print from anywhere

Forget wireless printing. Forget 3D printing (oh, yes please). 

What's the latest thing you need to know about when it comes to printing? Printing in the cloud with Google, that's what.

Harnessing the power of cloud computing technology – the hosting of data on the internet – Google Cloud Print is being hailed as the next big thing. 


Well according to an article over at PC Advisor, it's easy to install, cost-effective and opens up a number of new printing possibilities.

How it works 

Google Cloud Print allows users to print anything (well, almost anything), from anywhere, and from any device. 

Connecting your printer to the web, Cloud Print allows you to send documents to print to any Google cloud-connected printer. 

What this means is that you don't have to be in the same room as your printer. You could be in another building altogether – even in another country. 

Working from smartphones, PCs, tablets and Chromebooks, Cloud Print means as long as you can connect to the web, you can print. 

Controlling everything from your Google account, users can send to print with a single click, and manage print jobs.


And why is it so good? 

Because it gives you greater freedom. According to PC Advisor, you can print from Chrome and a number of apps available on Android and iOS. It means you don't need to be sat at your desktop with your printer hooked up directly next to you. You can more or less print anything from anywhere.

"Take a photo on your phone and send it to print at home to show your partner where you are, for instance," the website suggests.

"Or if you are working on the way to the office, you can send amended files ahead and they'll be on the printer when you arrive."

Neat, huh?

Easy to set up? 

Easy peasy.  All you need is a printer and a Google account. A Google account is free, so if you aren't signed up yet it won't cost a penny. 

What's more, Google Cloud Print should work with any printer. So if you've an old HP inkjet stuck in the garage, it's likely it'll work.

However, PC Advisor points out that it is easier with a Google Cloud Print Ready device.

The machines are ready to go, and register themselves directly with the Google Cloud Print service over your home or office's wireless network.

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Cutting out the middleman: printing with your iPad

There was a time - and for many, this is still the case - when a PC was the be-all and end-all of the office space, with the printer serving merely as its servant; a physical extension unable to break free or fend for itself.

Whether you wanted to print documents from the internet or pictures from your camera, you would need these devices to play nice with the computer if it was to grant access to your printer.

But in the last few years, printers have increasingly found a voice of their own. First, we had devices that could connect to a network independently of any one PC, then came machines capable of speaking to your camera, or even the internet, directly.

Cutting out the middleman: printing with your iPad

Newer ranges from manufacturers such as Samsung are even able to communicate with smartphones and tablets, Apple's staple of trend-leading products included.


With the mobile revolution shifting focus away from desktop PCs and even laptops, many small businesses are starting to flirt with the idea of using an iPad or a smartphone to take care of their computing needs.


And if the PC no longer has a stranglehold on productivity in your workplace, it makes sense to select a printer that can communicate directly with the devices that you might want to use.


Maybe then, you could forget the middleman altogether.


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