Free Easter Printables

Free Easter Pritables

We have some fantastic FREE Printables to keep the kids entertained this Easter!

Three great designs to choose, will you use them all?


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Happy Halloween From INKredible


Happy Halloween From INKredible

Happy Halloween From INKredible

Steph here, one of Inkredible’s customer service team.

Halloween is one of my most favourite times of the year when we can express our creative traits and personalities. The million-pound question is what is your costume this year? Have you been inspired by recent box office films such as the creepy movie IT 2, or have you opted for a classic character like Frankenstein’s Monster. There is so much material to base our spooky themes on, but what is interesting to know is how this all came about.

The Celts, who originated 2000 years ago, believed that when summer met winter, the division between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest allowing souls to pass through. This was known as the festival of Samahin and was celebrated by honouring Ancestors on the night of the 31st of October. Food was prepared and huge bonfires were lit in memory of them.

It was believed that harmful spirits also passed through this breach, so people wore costumes to disguise themselves from the ghastly monsters.

In light of the origin of Halloween, we have tasked our cutest ‘trick or treater’ to warn off some unwanted guests in our Darlington warehouse. These 8-legged residents do give a couple of our Inkredible packers a scare when hiding under pallets.

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Kids Corner

Kids CornerWe are always on the lookout for DIY crafts for the kids.

HP has always got something new and exciting and its Pinterest page is a great place to start.
We picked a couple of our favourites to share with you.

Printable alphabet cards. This one is great for really little ones. Instead of coughing up £10 in the Early Learning Centre for some coloured alphabet cards, just load up your printer with ink and thin card and print your own! The cards have little illustrations on to help your little one learn.

The memory game. You remember this one – pairs of cards with images on the front and matching backs? You can print out a set of these cards from HP's website and, best of all, you can add your own images or photos!

T-shirt iron-ons. HP has a few images which make perfect iron-on transfers. Grab some special transfer paper, print out your image and iron on to a plain t-shirt. Voila, personalised clothing for your child.

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Bizarre uses for 3D printing

Bizarre uses for 3D printing

Since 3D printing became more mainstream, there has been an influx of weird uses of the technology.

We scoured the internet for some of the best.

1. 3D foetus. If you just can't wait to see your unborn child, why not have a life-size replica 3D printed from your ultrasound? (Because it's creepy, that's why).

2. Your own head. A Japanese manufacturer – CloneFactory - can 3D print a tiny version of your own head. This can then be attached to a tiny doll, and voila, you have a mini-you.

3. A sandwich in the shape of a shoe. No, they didn't actually print the sandwich – we're not quite there yet. An American man designed a shoe-shaped baking mould, 3D printed it, filled it with dough and baked a shoe loaf. He then used the bottom of the mould to cut out sandwich ingredients in the shape of the shoe bread and made a shoe sandwich.

4. Swimwear. Continuum Fashions has printed a bikini. That's right. You can now wear something that comes out of a printer... whether it will stay together in the pool is another matter.

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Five ways to beat the Monday (or Tuesday!) morning blues

Five ways to beat the Monday (Or Tuesday!) morning blues


There is no other sound in the world like your Monday morning alarm. We all know that getting out of bed on a Monday seems far harder than any other day of the week. Your weekend is most definitely over and you are back to the nine to five slog. With that in mind, here's a handful of ways to perk yourself up at the start of the week:

1. Use a sleep-monitoring app.

Apps like Sleep Cycle for the iPhone may seem like a bit of a con but they do actually work if you are consistent with them. Not only can you analyse your sleep with funky little graphs and charts but you can also regulate your sleeping patterns. The app will wake you with an alarm when you are coming out of deep sleep so you will awake feeling refreshed as opposed to grumpy and groggy. The app will also automatically start recording you if you sleep talk, which is also pretty cool/absolutely hilarious.


2. Listen to music in the morning.

Whether you use the radio as an alarm or just put a CD on in the car, music will help wake you up as it activates different parts of your brain and will help you avoid lapsing back into wanting sleep.

3. Plan your outfit.

This may sound silly but can remove an element of stress in the morning. By laying your clothes out the night before you won't be faced with a pile of crinkly shirts and un-ironed trousers first thing in the morning.

4. Make a to do list.

If you find yourself forgetting things first thing in a morning, stick a list of things you need to do or take with you on the front door.

5. Have breakfast.

Just because you are an adult now, it doesn't mean the same rules don't apply – breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. If you have the time, a bowl of cereal is great way to start. If you have even more time, porridge or a bacon sandwich is even better. This is probably pushing it on a Monday but remember that something is better than nothing so grab a cereal bar and a banana on your way out.

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The Facebook book

The Facebook book

And the award for the most bizarre piece of printed paraphernalia goes to... The Facebook book.

Yep, a book, documenting your Facebook life. Quite possibly the strangest, most useless printed invention of the year.

We are usually a massive fan of most of the things HP invents. But we really do not understand this one.

Through Snapfish, the online photo printing people, HP are allowing Facebook lovers to create their very own 20-page photobook documenting their Facebook life over any specified time period.

Not only does this include pictures from your profile but it also includes random statuses and comments which are then put into multicoloured boxes and placed onto a page full of Facebook fun.

Once the book has been made (with admittedly very little effort on your part - you just have to connect to Facebook) you can order it, they will print it and send it to your house.

The video demo does make the book look pretty cool and you certainly can't fault the look of the finished product, which is bright, well structured and generally rather appealing. It's the content we just can't get our head around. Or the target audience.

Who would actually buy this? What would you do with it?

If you could choose a specific album on Facebook to build a photobook with, that would be great. The way the programme lays out the pictures and the mixture of black and white images in various sizes is pretty cool. If you could make a photobook of your wedding, latest holiday or birthday with this much ease, we would love it, but documenting four years or four months of our Facebook activity seems a little redundant.

The programme does have a method of selection that is not completely random - it takes your most popular photos (in terms of the number of likes and comments) and puts them in the book, along with some choice comments. But seeing as your most popular photo one day could be of your new shoes, is this really something you need?

Answer – probably not.

Save yourself 20 quid and print your own photobook featuring pictures you actually like and care about that aren't of your cat or a cake you made when you were bored.

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Big kudos for Little Printer

Big kudos for Little Printer

We love printers of all sizes. We're not fussy, industrial, domestic, large or small.

So imagine our excitement when the Little Printer announced that it was available for pre-order.

What is Little Printer we hear you cry in anticipation? Only the cutest thing to enter the printing world.

Little Printer was announced last November by BERG Cloud. This adorable printer is less than 10cm high and could sit in the palm of your hand.

We love ink. But we have to admit that the technology in this little machine is rather exciting. The Little Printer uses white thermochromic paper which, when heated inside the printer turns black to produce an image. That's pretty cool.

This ingenious tiny printer has a section missing from the front, in the shape of a head (think Lego man head rather than creepy head). When the printer has printed your Sudoku, to do list or the day's headlines, it then prints a happy little face that fills this space. When you order your printer, you get to pick which face you would like. There are four to choose from: happy big fringe boy, wild hair girl, rock star hair man and (our favourite) nerdy glasses boy. When searching for these, bear in mind that we made these names up!

So what can it actually print? This printer is one of those things that you would really have to talk yourself into buying. Like an iPad, it's seriously cool but definitely not essential.

Right now, you can print a variety of personal feeds using Little Printer. Users can subscribe to publications like news headlines, puzzle and your friends' birthdays from sites such as foursquare, Google and the Guardian.

The app on your smartphone that accompanies the printer, BERG Cloud Remote, is used to 'organise' your printing tendencies.

Whilst this printer may appear to have a relatively limited range of resources from which to print from, the tiny device does cover several bases. The ability to print news headlines and a Sudoku will make any commute to work more interesting and the daily weather forecast will ensure you are never caught short without a brolly.

The ability to sync with your Google tasks allows users to print a 'to do list' with little boxes to place a satisfying tick next to upon completion.

Never forget another birthday again- the Little Printer will sync with your Facebook account and print out friend's birthdays a week in advance.

Admittedly, this is where the 'useful' elements of this printer stop. Whilst we are sure more companies will make their content available and tiny-sized, at the moment, the range is somewhat limited right now.

But where the practical stuff stops, the fun stuff starts. Which is what you really want from a palm-sized printer with a smiley face on the front.

Print recipes from BBC Worldwide that include seasonal ingredients and stick them to your fridge. Learn about a different butterfly every week from British Butterflies. These little fact sheets come with a beautiful (tiny) image. Print a picture of the day from your Instagram account and start a n image pin board. Or, and this is our absolute favourite, find out how many people are orbiting Earth with the How Many People Are In Space Right Now application, complete with a little (of course) picture of an astronaut.

Another great feature of this mini printer (I know right, as if you needed any more reasons) is the ability to share your printer's contact details with friends and family. Using the Berg Cloud app, messages can be sent to the printer which then prints them there and then.

Whether you stick these little pieces of paper to the fridge or use them as bookmarks, we are head over heels in love with this Little Printer.

This funky little device does however come with a slightly larger price tag. At £199 this pocket-sized printer isn't exactly pocket change.

Available for pre-order now, the first bulk of these printers will be sent out in October. Each printer is accompanied by a power adapter, the relevant cables to hook it up to your router (the device uses a 'Bridge' that plugs into your router and is in itself completely wireless) and a couple of spare rolls of that funky paper.

We will certainly be investing in one of these little guys and we hope you have just as much fun with it as we plan on having.

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The worst fonts

The worst fonts

Some people hardly pay any attention to the font they use, but for us here at INKredible it's a bit of a big deal.
Well we would say that wouldn't we? We are in the business of selling ink and toner cartridges, after all.
But really – we're quite keen on fonts. And we suspect you probably are, too. After all, anyone who takes a bit of pride in their work wants to make sure it looks good, right?
But the thing is...aren't some of the fonts you see today just awful? Whether it's some junk mail through the post or a university PowerPoint presentation, there are some really nasty fonts out there – in our view anyway.
So here's four of our least favourite fonts. Of course, you might disagree. Which is fair enough.

Comic Sans
Now, you just knew this one was going to make our list didn't you? Probably the most hated font of all, Comic Sans is a word you won't hear uttered all that often at INKredible towers.
Just look at it: it's so childish and informal, yet so many people use if you important things, like presentations, adverts and essays. Weird.
And what's the name all about? Comic Sans? What does that even mean?

Monotype Corsiva
Looking for a little, um, je ne sais quoi ? Opt for Monotype Corsiva. Or don't, if you want people to take you seriously.

Just awful. It's horribly blocky, far too thick and attempts to look 'cool' when in fact it, er, isn't cool.  At all.

Who on earth actually uses this?
Us neither....

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