Don’t Rely On Digital: Why You Should Print Your Photos

Smartphone camera quality has improved vastly over the past decade, they have become multifaceted tools which we use to check emails, scroll through social media and even produce images of a quality similar to DSLR and other high end cameras.  


The improvement in phone camera quality has increased the social media usage and the reliance on technology to store images and data. However, an estimated ‘48% of companies’ report tech-performance issues daily, which tells us that relying on technology to store your images can’t be enough.


Digital Can Fail, Paper Won’t

We know the heartbreak – you capture some amazing moments and your phone breaks, or your computer dies and you’ve lost everything.

In 2019, Twitter introduced new Terms and Conditions, meaning profiles that were inactive for 6 months or more were deleted, resulting in many people losing photos and other content.

Don’t rely on digital and most importantly, don’t loose your memories to digital error; print physical versions of your favourite photos straight from your phone or laptop.

If you don’t already have a home printer, the Canon MG5750 is a great option for producing high quality colour images. Additionally, MG5750 ink is an inexpensive option for those who want to print regularly.


Create a Conversation

How often do you flick through the photos on your phone? Probably very rarely, which defeats the objective of taking a picture in the first place.

Create a photo album for your coffee table or frame your favourite images and create your very own gallery wall at home. Both of these options are great conversation starters when having company round and you’ll be more likely to reflect on your treasured memories.



Digital technology and social media account does not guarantee the preservation of your images and memories. Make sure you print any important images, to avoid heartbreak from digital failure.

Looking for a new printer? The Canon MG5750 is the perfect option for high quality photo printing, and you can find affordable MG5750 ink here.



If you’re in need of any printing advice or product expertise, our knowledgeable team will be happy to help with any queries you may have. Contact the INKredible team today.

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Printing Your Photos At Home: An Affordable And Reliable Option

We’re now taking more photos than ever before; it is estimated that by the end of 2019, as a society, we will have taken over 1 trillion photos. With the majority of people capturing images on their smart phones so that they can share memories and moments instantly, the option to print photos from the comfort of your own home has become an increasingly popular option.

Companies such as HP and Fujifilm have created products which allow people to print images on a small scale anytime, anyplace and straight from their pocket. But what happens when you want to print larger images that you can frame, share with friends or print at a greater volume? This is where your home printer can help!

Should I print my own photos?

There are many online photo printing companies and although they can be a great option, they can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week to print and send your order, this can be costly and there is no guarantee that your images will come back how you expected. Printing your own photos is not only cost effective, it’s almost fool proof too.

Many people consider a printer to be an investment, as the world of home printing can open many doors for those of us who want ease and efficiency.

The process of uploading and sending your images to a second party leaves opportunity for mishap during the printing process including image pixilation and poor production value.

If you want a quick turnaround and the ability to manage the quality, sizing and quantity of your images, using your home printer is the most practical option. 


How to print photos at home?

We know that printing your photos at home is an easy and quick option, but it’s essential to have the right materials before you start printing. You’ll need to have good quality photo printing paper, a guillotine or a pair of scissors, and a printer. Make sure your printer has enough ink before you begin!

For PC users, Windows 10 features a very good in-built photo printing tool, making it easy to print any image stored on your computer at the click of a few buttons. You can easily change settings for paper type, image size, print quality and much more from here.

You can also place your images into a word document and change the size to suit you, or you can use a template which will guide you on the correct image size, ensuring that no paper or ink is wasted in the process.

Many people also use the Piccollage app or similar (Available for iPhone, Android or Microsoft Store for free) to create a selection of snapshots or memories organised on one page for printing.

If photo printing at home is something you wish to get the best out of in the future, we recommend spending a little more on a high quality printer that can use several individually coloured cartridges. Canon have always been popular with photo enthusiasts due to their use of specialist grey and photo colour cartridges.


If you would like advice on printing your own images at home, or any other printing queries, please get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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