The Facebook book

And the award for the most bizarre piece of printed paraphernalia goes to... The Facebook book.

Yep, a book, documenting your Facebook life. Quite possibly the strangest, most useless printed invention of the year.

We are usually a massive fan of most of the things HP invents. But we really do not understand this one.

Through Snapfish, the online photo printing people, HP are allowing Facebook lovers to create their very own 20-page photobook documenting their Facebook life over any specified time period.

Not only does this include pictures from your profile but it also includes random statuses and comments which are then put into multicoloured boxes and placed onto a page full of Facebook fun.

Once the book has been made (with admittedly very little effort on your part - you just have to connect to Facebook) you can order it, they will print it and send it to your house.

The video demo does make the book look pretty cool and you certainly can't fault the look of the finished product, which is bright, well structured and generally rather appealing. It's the content we just can't get our head around. Or the target audience.

Who would actually buy this? What would you do with it?

If you could choose a specific album on Facebook to build a photobook with, that would be great. The way the programme lays out the pictures and the mixture of black and white images in various sizes is pretty cool. If you could make a photobook of your wedding, latest holiday or birthday with this much ease, we would love it, but documenting four years or four months of our Facebook activity seems a little redundant.

The programme does have a method of selection that is not completely random - it takes your most popular photos (in terms of the number of likes and comments) and puts them in the book, along with some choice comments. But seeing as your most popular photo one day could be of your new shoes, is this really something you need?

Answer – probably not.

Save yourself 20 quid and print your own photobook featuring pictures you actually like and care about that aren't of your cat or a cake you made when you were bored.