5 Ways to Reduce Printing Costs

Are you looking to save some pennies on your printing costs? Follow this simple guide and wage the war against over priced printing and products. 

Check Your Printer Settings

Many of us usually click ‘Print’ or press ‘CTRL+P’ to start a print job without even checking what print settings we’re using.

Ask yourself, do you really need to print using the highest quality setting? Usually draft or medium quality is good enough for everyday printouts and unless you're printing barcoded tickets, professional documents or photos for example, there's usually no need to waste additional ink on the 'fine' or 'Highest Quality' setting.

While in the printer settings, it’s also worth experimenting with selecting different ‘paper type’ options. Some unexpectedly work better than others and can increase the clarity or reduce ink bleed on the finished print.

Draft mode is also much quicker than the highest quality settings, so it will also save time when printing something fairly basic.


Change Your Font

Did you know that the default Windows font Arial is one of the worst offenders for ink usage?

In certain tests, Times New Roman was found to be 27% more efficient on ink use than Arial, while both Calibri and Century Gothic also outperformed Arial.

Also think about excessive use of Bold text as this uses more ink then a standard printed word. If you need to highlight something, try using italics instead.


Cut Your Paper Costs

Most of us use standard 80gsm or 90gsm printer paper for household printing tasks but in conjunction with reducing the print quality to save ink, you could also switch to a 60, 70 or 75gsm grade paper to save money, especially when printing those less important documents.

There are also a number of recycled paper options available today so it’s a good idea to shop around for the most economic and ecological solution for you.

Many modern printers allow a feature called 'Duplex' printing. This is where the printer will automatically print on both sides of the paper, effectively cutting your paper use in half! Of course, this isn't suitable in all situations but it is definitely something to consider to prevent paper being wasted.


Buy Compatible Ink Cartridges

If you didn't know by now, the biggest saving you can make when printing is to decide what ink to buy.

Do some research before you buy your printer and check how much both Genuine OEM and Compatible/Remanufactured Ink Cartridges will cost. Your printer is a one off cost whereas the ink or toner is an ongoing cost so that is where you can make your savings.

We find the best value printers will use several individual colour cartridges, rather than those that simply use one Black and one Colour tank. Don't be fooled by the super cheap printers, you will end up paying more for your ink supply quickly enough!

We recommend compatible cartridges for the majority of users wanting to cut their printing costs. You can make massive savings instantly and the ink is indistinguishable from its more expensive counterparts. Contrary to opinion, compatible cartridges will not invalidate your printer warranty in the same way as a third party oil filter would not invalidate your car's manufacturer warranty.

Be aware, not all compatible cartridges are of the same quality, and as such, prices can fluctuate. Our aim is to keep prices low whilst keeping quality high!


Keep a Good Stock of Ink or Toner

We understand how frustrating it is when you need to print something and you get the dreaded ‘Ink Low’ warning message!

We always advise keeping a sensible stock of ink cartridges to ensure you’re never in a position where you can’t print off your boarding pass, wedding speech or music festival tickets.

Because we offer discounted prices when purchasing multiple quantities, we recommend working out your usage requirements for 2, 4 or even 6 months and order the items you need in one go. You’ll always have Ink Cartridges available and are saving money in the process!

Should you change your printer, we will offer Reward Points for the return of any fully boxed products within 12 months so you can buy without fear of losing out!


If cutting your printing costs is something that you are trying to achieve, head to the INKredible website to discover affordable and compatible printing supplies. Our customer support team can assist you all the way through from order, install, print.