Printable Ink Reminder

Ink Cartridge Reminder Card


We're not always near our printers when we want to order replacement cartridges or ask a question about them, and very few of us can remember our printer model or ink cartridge codes! This is why we've created a handy reminder card, so that you can always remember what you need to order and the people you should contact, Inkredible!

Simply download one of our Inkredible Ink Cartridge Reminder Cards, fill in your printer details or ink cartridge code and pop it in your wallet or purse.


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Mother's Day 2019

Mothers Day Printables

Want to add that personal touch for mum this Mother’s Day? .

Why not download one of our FREE Mother’s Day card designs and show her you’re thinking of her. Just choose your favourite, click to download it and then print!

The A4 paper/card will then fold perfectly into an A5 card. Just drop it into an envelope and hand it over to your Mum (perhaps with an obligatory bunch of daffodils) 😊

To make it even easier why not pair them with one of our Greeting Card Kits and get that 'professional' look at home.

Feeling a bit more Crafty?

Why not try your hand at a 3D tulip card for mum? Break out the scissors and glue, download the FREE template and get cutting & sticking your way to the ultimate DIY Mother’s Day Card!

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Let's Get Organised! FREE Weekly Planner

Printable Weekly Planner

The Summer Holidays are nearly over (where did the time go!?) and you might need help getting organised for the weeks ahead. Why not download our FREE Weekly Planner to help ease the transition back into normal life!

  1. Write a to-do list
  2. Prioritise your jobs
  3. Plan your weekly meals
  4. Jot down important notes
  5. Download and reprint for future weeks ahead to keep you organised


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