Happy Halloween From INKredible


Happy Halloween From INKredible

Happy Halloween From INKredible

Steph here, one of Inkredible’s customer service team.

Halloween is one of my most favourite times of the year when we can express our creative traits and personalities. The million-pound question is what is your costume this year? Have you been inspired by recent box office films such as the creepy movie IT 2, or have you opted for a classic character like Frankenstein’s Monster. There is so much material to base our spooky themes on, but what is interesting to know is how this all came about.

The Celts, who originated 2000 years ago, believed that when summer met winter, the division between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest allowing souls to pass through. This was known as the festival of Samahin and was celebrated by honouring Ancestors on the night of the 31st of October. Food was prepared and huge bonfires were lit in memory of them.

It was believed that harmful spirits also passed through this breach, so people wore costumes to disguise themselves from the ghastly monsters.

In light of the origin of Halloween, we have tasked our cutest ‘trick or treater’ to warn off some unwanted guests in our Darlington warehouse. These 8-legged residents do give a couple of our Inkredible packers a scare when hiding under pallets.

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Print Your Own Halloween Masks

Halloween Mask Printables

Print Your Own Halloween Masks

After you've printed your favorite design to create a spooky Halloween Candle, why not complete your frightening look by downloading and printing our creepy Halloween masks!

We have 4 pre-coloured designs to choose from, in both full mask and eye mask variations depending on what you prefer. To keep the kids busy, we've also included each design in Black and White, so get the felt tips out and let their creativity run wild!

Simply click the download link below, print out the masks you desire, cut them out and attach some elastic through the holes at each side. Alternatively you can attach some old lolly sticks to use them as hand-held masks.

We recommend printing the pre-coloured masks on your printers 'high quality' setting whereas the Black and White uncoloured masks should be fine on a standard print setting.

We'd also use either 130gsm or 190gsm Matt Photo Paper for the best quality possible. This also provides greater strength than standard 80gsm printer paper and the mask is likely to last that little bit longer.

Halloween Colouring Sheet

If you've already downloaded and printed our Halloween Part Invites and plan on having a houseful of kids after 'trick or treating', why not hand out our Halloween themed colouring sheet to keep them quiet while you have a well deserved cuppa!

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Print Your Own Halloween Candles

Print Halloween Candles

Print Your Own Halloween Candles

What do you need?

  1. Pillar candles
  2. Tissue paper (or paper napkins)
  3. Inkjet printer and paper
  4. Glue stick
  5. Scotch tape
  6. Hair dryer

How do I create my candles?


Cut the tissue paper a few inches smaller than the printer paper and then scotch tape the tissue or napkin to the paper. When you are finished, run an iron over it a few times on the lowest setting to make sure it is perfectly flat. Once done you can then print the image on to the tissue paper.


Cut out your image. It is advised to cut through both tissue and the paper, this also makes it easier to cut round.


Wipe some glue around the edges of the design and stick the image to the candle- this helps to prevent the tissue paper from moving when you use the hair dryer.


Hold the hair dryer a few inches away and go over the design. The candle will heat up and the tissue paper will begin to merge into the candle. The white parts of the tissue paper will start to disappear and by magic you will have your Halloween candle!


This is great fun for the kids, especially during school holidays to keep them entertained! Why not get the kids to design their own pictures, simply scan them in and print them on to tissue paper. The possibilities are endless!

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Epson Release Latest Printers

Epson Release Latest Inkjet Printer Range
Epson XP-2100

Epson XP-2100/XP-2105

Epson XP-3100

Epson XP-3100/XP-3105/XP-4100

Epson WF-2810DW

Epson WF-2810DWF

Epson WF-2830DWF

Epson WF-2830DWF/WF-2850DWF

Home Printing

First up is Epson's entry level offering for home users, the Expression Home XP-2100 and XP-2105 models.

These 3 in 1 machines offer everything you'd expect for home use including wireless connectivity, print, copy and scan functions and a neat 3.7cm LCD screen. They can output Mono A4 prints up to 27PPM and Colour prints can hit 15PPM.

Next up are the XP-3100, XP-3105 and XP-4100. Although they are very similar to the entry level models, they do offer an increased Mono printing speed of 33PPM while the larger XP-4100 features a 6.1cm LCD screen and has a more substantial home office footprint, weighing in at 6.6Kg

Business Printing

Business users are also catered for with the entry level WorkForce Pro WF-2810DWF.

A small 4 in 1 office printer featuring print, copy, scan and fax facilities and built to the similar small footprint of the new home printers. Output has been increased however with the WorkForce printers able to provide 33PPM Mono and 18PPM in colour on standard A4 printing paper while it can also complete a 10cm x 6cm glossy print in 38 seconds.

The WF-2830DWF has a 3.7cm LCD screen while the WF-2850DWF has a larger 6.1cm screen. Both models feature an Automatic Document Feeder making for easier scanning and copying. All Printers in the WorkForce range use individual inks so you can save money by only replacing the colour used!

Epson 603 Black

Epson 603 Black (3.4ml)

Epson 603XL Black (8.9ml)

Epson 603 Cyan

Epson 603 Cyan (2.4ml)

Epson 603XL Cyan (4ml)

Epson 603 Magenta

Epson 603 Magenta (2.4ml)

Epson 603XL Magenta (4ml)

Epson 603 Yellow

Epson 603 Yellow (2.4ml)

Epson 603XL Yellow (4ml)

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Halloween Party Invites

Halloween Party Printables

FREE Halloween Party Invite Printables!

Having a spooktacular Halloween party this October?

Then check out our quick and easy printable Halloween party invitations and FREE bonus colouring sheet to keep the little nippers occupied!

We have 2 scary designs to choose from in a handy pdf format, so just print as many as you want or send the file to anyone else in need. Feel free to share with friends, family or colleagues on social media or via email! (We recommend Matt Photo Paper for the best results).

Don't spend pounds when you can print these for pennies!

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