LottieHello! I'd like to let you all know who I am. My name is Lottie and I am the newest member of the Inkredible family. I work part time to help Inkredible deliver their exceptional standards of customer service and I will do my best to provide you with just that.

I currently work just 3 days a week helping to finance myself through a Batchelor’s degree at Teesside University. I am studying English with Creative Writing which lends itself to requiring a lot of printing. I wanted to give you a little run down on how I use my trusty Canon Pixma printer and how I get the best out of this little fella.

I'm all about e-bills, wasting less paper and using online resources where I can, however when studying I find the best way for me to learn is by printing and highlighting work. I find it much easier to read through paper versions of information.

A simple trick that I recently learned to reduce the amount of ink I use (which is significant in the first place - good job I happen to know a fantastic ink supplier!) is to simply select the 'draft' or ‘fast’ option in printer settings, along with the greyscale option.

This tab is available once you've selected to print and is located in advanced options, where you will also be able to choose the type of paper you are using etc. This is a function that reduces the amount of black ink used, so it's great for when I'm printing just to read through or highlight chunks of information.

I also recently designed a book cover as part of an assignment. The full cover was exceedingly colourful and with some pretty excellent compatible inks, my trusty Pixma was able to create a masterpiece! Working for Inkredible I have already picked up many hints and tips for getting the best out of my printer, and the best thing is this knowledge is here for our customers too.

If you check out the rest of the blogs here or drop us an email, we’ll be able to help you with just about any aspect of your printing world.

Anyway, enough about me and us. We’re here for you!