What to think about when buying a printer

Changes to the printer market over the last few years mean the market is now filled with a heady variety of sophisticated printers.

One good thing about this is that the cost of printers has come down significantly – it's now possible to get hold of a capable multi-function machine for as little as £50.

But the sheer range of appliances available can make it difficult to make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the printer that really suits your needs.

One of the most important things anyone thinking about buying a printer should do is consider the 'total cost of ownership' – i.e. how much it will really cost you to buy a printer – so not just the one-off purchase but over the long term.

After your initial outlay, you'll also have consumables – like ink and toner cartridges and photo paper – that you'll need to buy (dependent on how regular a printer user you are).

Tying in with this, another important consideration is what you will actually need to use your printer for. If you're a student, for example, it's likely you'll be best off with a pretty basic mono machine – for your black-and-white print jobs.

A small business might want something with Wi-Fi capabilities and the like for remote working and a professional photographer will require a printer that's specifically tailored to prints.

Working this out will influence how much you decide to spend on your printer. The more jobs you'll be doing, the more consumables you'll need to buy.

It's all about working out what is best for you. The main thing is not to spend a fortune on a printer only to find that it's packed full of features that you won't actually use.

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Budget 2012: Our new pricing structure explained

....Not that the old one was bad necessarily, but, well, just needed a bit of a spring clean.

We know that when it comes to buying ink, toner and paper, cost is a really important factor, especially in today's – how do we say – rather difficult economic times.

So that's one of the reasons why we decided to review our pricing structure. It's one of the biggest changes as part of our switch to our new website (we haven't been banging on about that too much, have we?)

In keeping with the other changes we've made to the INKredible website, we've moved to make our pricing easier to understand and, overall, cheaper.

How it used to work

Let's say you're after six full sets of compatible ink cartridges for Brother's DCP 110C machine. On our old site, you couldn't just buy six full sets. Well you could, but you'd have to do it by buying 1 x 4 sets at £19.99 (£4.99 a set) and then 1 x 2 sets at £14.99 (7.50 a set) – that's £35 for six sets.

This was OK, but perhaps a little limited, because you could only buy via our set offers.

How it works now

Those six sets of ink have run out and you need some more - pronto. No problem. Thanks to our new tiered pricing, you don't have to stick to the offers in order to get what you need – you can order whatever quantity you like and still see a cost saving.

For example: Now you can simply order 6 x 1 sets – and that's where the tiered pricing kicks in, reducing the price per set down to a best price of £4.99 a set – so £29.99 in total.

That's a saving of £5. Every little helps.

Savvy? Hey – let us know what you think – we'd love to hear from you.

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Phew! It's been a wild few months for the gang here at INKredible. What with being all caught up in the fun and games that come with rolling out a shiny new website, we've been at it nearly 24/7! And of course, still scurrying around like mad men to ensure we get all our ink and toner orders shipped out on time!

In short, we've been running our merry selves into the ground – but we've loved every ruddy minute of it!

What with it being just over a week since we officially launched, we thought we deserved to kick back with a few beers to celebrate – everyone deserves a pat on the back from time to time, don't they?

Anyway – enough of the INKredible team's drinking habits...suffice to say our trip to the pub got us talking about how now would be a great time for a nice little blog update to introduce you to our new website and tell you about some of the changes we've made – changes we think will make it even easier for you to shop for your ink and toner cartridges and consumables with us.

So what have we done? Well, think of our website as your one-stop-shop for compatible and remanufactured cartridges for a raft of top-quality printer brands – like HP, Canon, Kodak and Samsung.

It's a more interactive, usable and intuitive service that enables you to find exactly what you need with just a few clicks of your mouse.

We don't want to overload you with information, so here's a few bullet points just to keep you on the down-low – look out for more blogs in the coming days in which we'll look at this in more detail.

  • Easier to search – search our entire shop

  • We've rolled out a tiered pricing structure which means you have more options to buy products and can still benefit from price reductions (we've a blog on the way talking about this further)

  • Permanent shopping basket – if you add something to your basket and leave the site, it'll be there waiting for you when you return

  • One-page checkout – none of that annoying redirecting to other pages, enjoy hassle-free purchases

  • Recently viewed products –  if you look at an ink cartridge and need to get back to it, this feature allows you to see what you've looked at previously.

There's lots more to tell you about. Lots, lots more. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes are afoot folks, Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes....

Speak soon

The INKredible team

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