Five ways to beat the Monday (Or Tuesday!) morning blues


There is no other sound in the world like your Monday morning alarm. We all know that getting out of bed on a Monday seems far harder than any other day of the week. Your weekend is most definitely over and you are back to the nine to five slog. With that in mind, here's a handful of ways to perk yourself up at the start of the week:

1. Use a sleep-monitoring app.

Apps like Sleep Cycle for the iPhone may seem like a bit of a con but they do actually work if you are consistent with them. Not only can you analyse your sleep with funky little graphs and charts but you can also regulate your sleeping patterns. The app will wake you with an alarm when you are coming out of deep sleep so you will awake feeling refreshed as opposed to grumpy and groggy. The app will also automatically start recording you if you sleep talk, which is also pretty cool/absolutely hilarious.


2. Listen to music in the morning.

Whether you use the radio as an alarm or just put a CD on in the car, music will help wake you up as it activates different parts of your brain and will help you avoid lapsing back into wanting sleep.

3. Plan your outfit.

This may sound silly but can remove an element of stress in the morning. By laying your clothes out the night before you won't be faced with a pile of crinkly shirts and un-ironed trousers first thing in the morning.

4. Make a to do list.

If you find yourself forgetting things first thing in a morning, stick a list of things you need to do or take with you on the front door.

5. Have breakfast.

Just because you are an adult now, it doesn't mean the same rules don't apply – breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. If you have the time, a bowl of cereal is great way to start. If you have even more time, porridge or a bacon sandwich is even better. This is probably pushing it on a Monday but remember that something is better than nothing so grab a cereal bar and a banana on your way out.

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