Back to school printing ideas

The summer holiday has flown by and the kids are now back to school.

You've bought the uniforms and the latest 'cool' pencil case and calmed their first day back nerves.

Proving that they really do have something for every occasion, one of our favourite companies, HP, has a number of printing projects to get your little ones back in the mood for school.

Even after just six weeks off school, suddenly their uniforms no longer fit and they seem to have grown about three inches. Why not track their growth spurts with a printable height chart?

There are also a number of printable bookmarks available. Choose a family photo of a picture of their favourite character to brighten their day every time they open their book.

If your child is slightly prone to 'misplacing' their stuff, print out some funky labels with their name and class on to ensure that their possessions always find their way back – all you need is some label paper and a printer loaded with coloured ink!

All of these projects can be found online in the HP Creative Studio catalogue.

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